One Stop Custom Electronic & Mechanical Engineering

Locus Engineering Inc. is an Ottawa, Canada based custom engineering company providing electronic, mechanical, interconnect, and system integration design and manufacturing. We take your concept from specification, through a rigorous design to requirements and prototype phase, and finally to a manufactured and tested product complete with documentation.
Whether a single prototype or a low volume design and production run, our over 35 years of multi-disciplined engineering experience and on-site tooling allow for comprehensive product design and manufacture at one location. This minimizes outsourcing costs and delays, simplifies the feedback for product improvement, and reduces the number of design iterations.
We provide the following custom engineering services:

System Level Design
• specifications
• system design
• system integration

Electronics Engineering
• circuit design
• schematic capture
• firmware programming
• interconnect (cable) design

Mechanical Engineering
• packaging
• PCB layout
• mechanical design
• special jigs and tooling

• PCB and parts sourcing
• PCB assembly
• machining
• cable assembly
• final assembly
• testing to specification

• user documentation
• engineering drawing set
• detailed parts list with breakeven analysis

Locus Engineering also has a product portfolio with items available for sale, custom modification, or as technology demonstrators.



Authorized by the Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario to offer professional engineering services.