Product Portfolio

Holiday Notice!  No orders will be accepted or shipped between July 03, 2023 until September February 18, 2023!

The Locus Engineering Product Portfolio is organized according to market area into assistive technology devices, audio products, control, engineering development, machine tools & accessories, measurement, and R/C aircraft accessories.  Some products are for sale while others are technology demonstrators.  All our products can be customized to suit client requirements.

Assistive Technology Devices
E1852 Text to Speech Assistive Device,  E2300 Tongue Click Switch, E2620 Auxilliary Power Unit (APU) and Monitor

Audio Products
E1892 Music Distortion Effects Box,  E2063 Chromatic Tuner & Frequency Counter

E810 Programmable Power Controller,  E1975 Machine Tool Safety Shutoff Switch,  E2010 Coolant Pump Switch,  E2250 Programmable Speed Capstan DriverE2510 High Side Switch

Engineering Development
E1115F PS/2 to ASCII Converter,  E1832 E1833 Alphanumeric Display & Switch Interface,  E1910 Direct Digital Synthesis Signal Generator,  E1947 3 Pin C2 Programming Adapter, E2072 C8051F300 Microcontroller Breakout Board,  E2090 64 Bit Hexadecimal/20 Digit Calculator,  E2110 C8051F410 Microcontroller Development Board,  E2191 Serial to IRDA Transceiver,  E2210 Telephone Line Interface DAA, E2332 C8051F805 Microcontroller Breakout Board,  E2420 Decoded 64 Key Keyboard, E2421 Serial Hex keyboard, E2422 Decoded 24 Key Keyboard,  E2423 Decoded 24 Key Keyboard,  E2424 64 Key EncoderE2510 High Side SwitchE2690 EFM8BB31F64G Microcontroller Breakout BoardE2980 Power Distribution Board, E3013 Serial Byte Monitor,

Machine Tools & Accessories
E1975 Machine Tool Safety Shutoff Switch,  E2010 Coolant Pump Switch,  E2260 Strain Gauge Amplifier,  M610 Heavy Gauge Sheet Metal Bender,  M630 Point to Point Milling Locator

E2060 Programmable Endpoint DVM,  E2061 Frequency Counter,  E2062 Precision RPM Counter,  E2063 Chromatic Tuner & Frequency Counter,  E2064 Event Counter,  E2260 Strain Gauge Amplifier,  E2440 2.45 GHz Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI), E2762 LED Tester

R/C Aircraft Accessories
E2276 RC Aircraft Light Controller,  E2314 RC Aircraft Ignition Switch & Light Controller,  E2440 2.45 GHz Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI),  E2452 Lost RC Aircraft Beacon, E2510 High Side Switch, E2540 LiPo Battery Discharger, E2650 1S LiPo Battery Gang Charger,  Custom LED Cables