Assistive Technology Devices

E1852 Text to Speech Assistive Device
The E1852 Text to Speech Assistive Device allows synthesized speech to be spoken on selectable character, phrase or sentence entry via a PS/2 keyboard.

E2300 Tongue Click Switch Assistive Device
The E2300 Tongue Click Switch is an assistive communication device allowing a laptop or iPhone application to be switched using a tongue click.  US$285

E2620 Auxilliary Power Unit (APU) and Monitor
The E2620 Auxilliary Power Unit (APU) is an inverter, charger, and monitor unit designed to run non-life essential equipment from an external sealed lead acid battery. The unit is easy to use and allows equipment to be away from a 120VAC wall outlet source for a few hours while using on-board power to operate equipment for comfort or increased accessibility.