E810 Programmable Power Controller
The E810 Programmable Power Controller allows eight AC loads to be independently controlled from a selection of sensor, period or time inputs. A simple user interface allows each channel to be quickly setup with any of 69 functions.

E1975 Machine Safety Shutoff Switch
The E1975 Machine Tool Safety Shutoff Switch protects machine shop tools such as lathes or mills from toolpost, workpiece, or spinning chuck collisions by using up to four travel limit sensors.

E2010 Coolant Pump Switch
The E2010 Coolant Pump Switch turns a coolant pump on/off by sensing the machine tool power.

E2250 Programmable Speed Capstan Driver
The E2250 Programmable Speed Capstan Driver pulls a line from 0.01m/s to 2.10m/s with 0.01m/s resolution. The motor is operated with a current limited higher voltage for higher torque.

E2510 High Side Switch
The E2510 High Side Switch allows loads up to 30 Amps and 30 Volts to be turned on or off using a small remote switch or optocoupler.  US$15.99