Machine Tools & Accessories

E1975 Machine Safety Shutoff Switch
The E1975 Machine Tool Safety Shutoff Switch protects machine shop tools such as lathes or mills from toolpost, workpiece, or spinning chuck collisions by using up to four travel limit sensors.

E2010 Coolant Pump Switch
The E2010 Coolant Pump Switch turns a coolant pump on/off by sensing the machine tool power.

E2260 Strain Gauge Amplifier
The E2260 Strain Gauge Amplifier is instrumentation amplifier board is suited for most strain gauge sensors.

M610 Heavy Gauge Sheet Metal Bender
The E610 Heavy Gauge Sheet Metal Bender allows up to ¼” thick aluminum or 1/8” thick soft steel and 8” wide to be bent around a ½” radius for stress free bends. Available for use with a shop press or with manual operation using an ACME thread. Solid steel construction allows reliable operation and long life.  US$199.99

M630 Point to Point Milling Locator
The E630 Point to Point Milling Locator is a milling machine accessory allowing a workpiece to be quickly rotated and moved into position for milling a straight cut between any two points.  US$59.99