R/C Aircraft Accessories

Locus Engineering provides custom radio controlled model aircraft lighting products such as light controllers and made to length LED cables with various colors and illumination angles as options depending on the application. Our light controllers drive eight LEDs to simulate real aircraft lighting.  Our ignition cutoff switch features a light controller to provide ignition-on strobe light warning as well as sequenced navigation lights. For lost aircraft, we offer a very loud beeper that automatically turns on after a normal flight time period expires.

E2276 RC Aircraft Light Controller
The E2276 RC Aircraft Light Controller includes drivers for 3 static navigation lights, 2 wingtip strobes, 1 tail strobe, and 2 landing lights, all controlled with one R/C receiver channel.  US$15.99

E2314 RC Aircraft Ignition Switch Light Controller
The E2314 RC Aircraft Ignition Switch & Light Controller disables the ignition for a gas engine using one R/C receiver channel while also providing realistic static and strobed navigation lights.  US$25.99

E2440 2.45GHz Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI)
The E2440 2.45 GHz Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) provides easy relative signal measurement of 2.45 GHz signals such as WiFi, cordless telephones, or radio control transmitters over a 60dB range. A peak capture algorithm and moving average filter will accurately measure transmission pulse widths down to 5usec over a 12msec period. A 300mAh Lithium Polymer battery with charger circuit is included. Charging is via USB connection with micro USB cable included. US$119.99

E2452 Lost RC Aircraft Beacon
The E2452 Lost RC Aircraft Beacon is a standalone battery powered module which produces a very loud beeping sound after a programmed time delay or when triggered from a spare receiver channel, and lasting for 24hrs to help locate a lost or crashed aircraft 100 meters away.  US$26.99

E2510 High Side Switch
The E2510 High Side Switch allows loads up to 30 Amps and 30 Volts to be turned on or off using a small remote switch or optocoupler.  US$15.99

E2540 LiPo Battery Discharger
The E2540 LiPo Battery Discharger allows the safe and complete discharge of used batteries for proper disposal. Battery capacities from 1S to 8S are easily discharged using the balance plug. Each cell is discharged at ~1 Amp. LEDs indicate the discharge progress on each cell. US$19.99

E2650 1S LiPo Battery Gang Charger
The E2650 1S LiPo Battery Gang Charger includes six independent chargers with jumper selectable charge currents of 100mA and 500mA. 6V adapter not included.  US$26.99

Custom LED Cables
Custom cables for our light controller products are available at any length. Depending on the lighting application (landing, strobe, navigation), various colors and emission angles are offered at high brightness. Cables are high strand count 26AWG with colored heat shrink at both the connector and LED ends to match the LED color for easy identification. Connectors are a two terminal JST type (0.1” spacing).  US$5 and up.